ArchITects of Delight

How IT leaders can bridge the gap between customers and customer service

In this webinar, you will learn learn about the trends impacting Customer Service


Matthew Guarini
VP & Sr. Research Director

Mukesh Mirchandani
VP of Global Field Solution Engineering

What You Will Learn In This Webinar:
Companies that put their customers needs above everything else, find themselves on top.

However, the pandemic has exposed cracks in even the most mature customer service organizations, where high contact volumes and low staffing levels took a toll on customer interactions. 

As a technology leader, your opportunity is to provide ways to improve how your company can support customers. Customer service is one of the most critical touchpoints for your company's customer engagement. And your mandate is to deliver technology that creates service experiences that build loyalty and drive revenue growth.

In this webinar featuring Forrester, we share insights on the IT leader's role in:
  • Leveraging technology to increase customer delight and reduce service load
  • ‚ÄčImproving the resilience and agility of customer service operations
  • ‚ÄčEnsuring the continual innovation in the customer experience
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