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Your IT Self-Service Portal is Dead

The self-service portal you built might be a thing of the past

Promised to be the cure to most IT service management (ITSM) problems, the self-service portal was supposed to deliver “better, faster, cheaper” IT service delivery and support to employees and beyond.

However, many IT self-service portals have failed to deliver on this promise. Recent and historical data shows us that issues with employee adoption and the experience that goes along with it have lead to its downfall. Even while organizations are still continuing to invest in their self-service portals, the changing service and support landscape along with the associated technological innovations are making traditional portals a thing of the past.

In this new download you will learn:

  • How (and why) traditional IT self-service portals have failed to deliver the expected benefits
  • ​The continued importance of self-service within digitally-enabled organizations
  • ​How new smart technologies offer a better alternative to self-service portals
  • ​And much more!

Download this new report today and revive your self-service portal.

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